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The Fat Loss Factor Review



Fat Loss Factor ProgramSo, what is the Fat Loss Factor and how can it help you?

Well, it is one of the hottest diet programs in the country and was developed by Dr. Charles Livingston – or just Dr. Charles D.C.

 He is a board certified chiropractic physician
 Certified wellness practitioner
 Certified advanced nutritionist

The purpose of the program is to help people lose weight and rid the body of toxins in the process.

My first instinct was that this course is written by someone who is well qualified and who walks the walk. All you have to do is look at pictures of Dr. Charles and you know that he is no arm-chair expert. This guy is fit.

Wait! Before you read the review, why not take some time to find out what the program is all about. It's all here in this video...


So, without further ado, here is my take on the Fat Loss Factor.


Buying the course

Buying the course was fairly straightforward and there were no snags. I purchased it through Clickbank and was able to download the main manual, as well as several support manuals, within a matter of minutes. When you sign up and pay, you choose a user name and password for the member's area and the material is downloaded from there.

During the checkout phase, you are given the opportunity to purchase some add-ons if you wish. I believe there were 3 additional offers that I had to decline before I could access the stuff I bought. This seems to be par for the course these days when buying specialized online courses. Everyone seems to have up-sells. Don't get me wrong, the additional material certainly seems worth it, especially after the discounts, but this is a review of the core material – an evaluation of the course on it's own.

So, what did I get?

Well, the download consisted of 20 PDF's and one small program called Foo Joo.

I also received a hard copy of the course in the mail a few weeks later. This data dvd contained all the material I got online plus 4 Brain Synchronization Audios that covered:

 Deep Meditation
 Sleep Induction

Here are the exact files I received from the download area:

15 minute-1

4 exercises meant to be completed in 15 minutes. A 15 minute diversion, if you will. Each exercise has a link to an online video that shows the proper technique.

15 minute-2

Same as previous, except 4 new exercises.

15 minute-3

Same as previous, except 4 new exercises.

15 minute-4

Same as previous, except 4 new exercises.

15 minute-5

Same as previous, except 4 new exercises.


This is the main manual and consists of 141 pages.

There is a ton of information packed into this ebook. In fact, it's one of the most comprehensive guides that I've read on dieting, nutrition, and wellness.

A few highlights:

 What are toxins? How do we absorb them into our body? How do we get rid of them?

 How our body adapts quickly and what we can do about changing things up for maximum results.

 How the liver functions and how important it is to weight loss (lots of information here that really ended up being a light-bulb moment for me).

 The master cleanse system. How long? What to drink (includes recipes).

 The raw foods diet. Talks about acidic and alkaline foods and the effect they have on your body. Contains a huge chart of acidic and alkaline foods. You'll learn a lot about what foods to eat and those to stay away from. Tons of information here and the author delves deep into why a lot of what we think is healthy really isn't. For example, I learned something about breakfast that really changed the way I eat during the day. 

 Discussions on carbs (simple and complex), fibre (insoluble and soluble), proteins, and fats (good and bad).

 15 Foods for maximum weight loss.

 15 Foods for guaranteed weight gain.

 Smoothies for weight loss.

 3 Axioms for success.

 How food companies fatten you up and make you sick.

 Food labels.

 Structured eating. One of the foundations of the Fat Loss Factor program is structured eating. This is based on a cheat day, calorie bombardment, intermittent fasting, and exercise. I know, an unlikely combination, but one that will increase fat burning hormones to transform your body into a fat burning machine. The reason for this is something that is hard wired into us and dates back to a time where our ancestors were hunter/gatherers and famine was a real threat. I lost 11lbs without too much effort following this technique. More on that in a bit.

 A little known fact about breakfast, exercise and fat burning. I believe this was instrumental to my own weight loss success.

 Lemon water, cayenne pepper, fasting, structured eating, and low blood sugar.

 Three weight loss plans to choose from. Steady weight loss, quick weight loss, turbo weight loss. Includes charts.

 Advanced 48 hour fast

 Washing fat away with water

 Supplements – recommended supplements for efficient weight loss.

 Exercise – Tons of information on exercises. Fat burning routines, high intensity interval training, ultimate fat blaster, belly fat blaster.

 Stress and weight gain – how stress causes weight gain and ways to counter its effect. Includes Yoga, Tai-Chi, and Pilates exercises for de-stressing.

 No Breathe, No Life – how breathing is so important to weight loss and general well being.

 Getting a good night's sleep

 10 Makeover Tips

 Motivation Tips

 Depression/Self-Esteem Issues

 Belly Fat Tips

 Binge Eating/Emotional Cravings/Portion Control

 Tools for a Fat Loss Factor Kitchen

 Fat Loss Factor Home gym equipment 


As the name implies, the quick start guide is meant to get you going in the shortest time possible. This is the very first thing you should be looking at once you have all the downloads on your hard drive. It is not simply a re-hash of the main manual. Lots of good information here that isn't in the main book - as well as many worksheets and logs that will help you keep track of your progress and reach your goals.

Master Cleanse - The master cleanse is discussed in detail in this ebook and is full of great information, even if you aren't going to include that in your program at the moment.

I personally did not do it and cannot comment on it - just my own preference. If you have any reservations about starting a master cleanse, seek proper medical advice from your doctor.

The good news? Even though I did not do the cleanse, I still lost weight without much difficulty.


This was one of my favourite books in the whole course. It starts out by talking about raw foods and implementing a raw food diet. It then gives you 40 quick and easy recipes that you can use during your raw diet. It covers everything from appetizers to main dishes, to dessert, and breakfast. I also loved the section on smoothies.

The diet I chose consisted of one week of raw eating and I was not disappointed by the variety of foods and the delicious recipes found here.


If you want to follow the program step by step, you can begin here. This book contains an entire month of meals that are healthy, low in calories, and delicious. Simply use this meal plan and start losing weight – simple. The only caveat is that you are going to be spending a lot on ingredients until you are stocked up – at least that's how it was for me.


30 days of meals for month number 2


30 days of meals for month number 3


This is the Fat Loss Factor Daily Food and Exercise Log. You can't keep track if you don't record it! Well designed sheets that you can print out.


This ebook starts out talking about organic foods in some detail. Good reading for healthy eating. The rest of the book (47 pages) is filled with organic food recipes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and smoothies!


This is an ebook (twenty pages) written by Mike Geary, fitness/diet guru, and renown author of the world famous, The Truth About Six Pack Abs course. Take everything he says to heart, because when it comes to this stuff, he wrote the book (so to speak).

I have to admit, this was an unexpected treat.

A very easy and informative read, you'll learn about what foods add to your flab and which one's kill fat. This may turn your world upside down, because what you may have considered healthy eating, is actually adding inches to your waistline.


A worksheet on goal setting.


A cornucopia of foods that you can buy that conform to the fat loss factor guidelines. Much of this is organic and covers carbs, proteins, fats, condiments, and so forth. Everything you need is here. I used this list to do the structured diet portion and it was easy to find things to eat that I enjoyed. Lots of choice!


A worksheet that allows you to record your measurements during the 12 weeks.


Beginner exercises – this is where you start when it comes to implementing an exercise regime. Basic exercises with a mix of machine and body weight. Each contains a link to a short video of a cartoon-like demonstration.


Same as above, but more advanced.


Same as above, but the most advanced.


All are in PDF format, except for the FooJoo program. This little piece of software contains over 90 restaurants and helps you choose healthy by listing things like carbs, calories, fat, fibre, and protein for everything on their menu.


 The one thing that makes this program great is the quality of information. After you go through everything, you just may have a new outlook on losing weight and general health. There were many topics discussed that were completely new to me and I feel that I have a much better understanding of what causes my own weight gain and how easy it is to counter using these techniques.

 The amount of information you get is almost overwhelming. And that is a good thing. The one gripe I have about some courses is that they skimp on information. This course is not like that. You get many hundreds of pages of quality information and everything is kept within it's own ebook. That means that the main ebook is not going to be an unwieldy 500 pages (it is already 141 pages). Information is more easily accessible this way. If I need information on a certain topic, it is either in the main book or one of the other 19 manuals.

 Top notch support. Their support people are quick, knowledgeable, and friendly. If something is a little unclear, or you just have a question, their support team takes care of you.


 The program is not straight forward. I talk more about this in the section below on my own experience with the system. In short, I think they could have done a better job organizing the information so that there is a more clear-cut path. That is not to take away from the quality of the information you get. As far as the information and tools go, it is top notch. 

 This program is big on organic and that is going to cost you a lot more. Hey, organic is pricy and not all of us can afford it.

 The program is big on supplements, and that is going to cost you. I am not a big supplement person. I am sure they are beneficial, but I don't know if they are completely necessary. This is simply my own opinion. Having said that, my own attempt at this diet could have been more serious and dedicated and  I may have discovered that supplements were, in fact, necessary – so I don't want to be too quick to judge.  See my experience below.

 The program mentions many exercise routines that require a gym membership or some good home equipment – although, there are alternatives available if you are resourceful. I personally did not have a gym membership and all I did was use body weight exercises to get by – the end result for me was positive.

 I was not impressed by the hard copy disk that was mailed to my home. It is essentially just a copy of everything you get online, plus some relaxing, subliminal audio tracks called Brain Synchronization Audios. According to the description on the box, they contain suggestions and affirmations to optimize your weight loss. The music was relaxing enough, but I could barely hear the voice in the background and the mixture proved to be more irritating, than relaxing. This is just my experience, maybe I just didn't get it or I had something technical going on.

 As with most of these course, you are going to be sold to during and after your purchase. I am listing this as a negative as I find it bothersome. I am not saying that the extras they are trying to sell you are not worth it (they are), but it is a bit excessive. The worst part is the emails that you are going to receive once you buy and you are a member. Each day, you are going to get an email with some really great information, but it is almost always part of a bigger package that the author owns, or at least gets commission on. I hesitate to cancel that email subscription because I don't want to miss out on the really great stuff he gives away. The price of good, free information I suppose.

My own results

Using the fat loss factor program, I was personally able to lose about 11lbs. While this may not sound like much, I am not that big and I only needed to lose a little to get down to my ideal weight. I accomplished this within 12 weeks without breaking a sweat (and I even cheated many times). I simply followed the directions in the main book and fine tuned the meals to my liking using the grocery list, the flf recipes book, and recipes from the 30 days of meals ebooks. I feel that this weight is going to stay off and isn't just a temporary thing. 

Was it easy to follow? Not really. Here's why:

After you read through everything, you may be left wondering where to go next. Where do you start? What do you eat? When do you eat? When do you exercise? At least this is how it was for me – but I eventually figured it out. Re-reading the quick start guide and the section on structured eating helped. If you keep in mind that this is not a paint-by-numbers diet plan, and you aren't just blindly following some schedule, then you are good to go. Actually, that's a positive because you have the freedom to structure your own meals, exercises, etc as long as you remain within the guidelines of the program. In other words, you should be eating from the list of foods in the program and implementing the exercises that are recommended.

You start by choosing a weight loss program. You are given three choices: Steady weight loss, quick weight loss and turbo weight loss. I talked about these in the description of the fat loss factor main ebook above. Next, read the section on Structured Eating in the main ebook very carefully. This contains everything you need.

For the structured eating part, you can go to the 90 Days of Fat Burning Meal Plans that is contained in the 3 ebooks, or you can choose from the grocery list and make your own meals. 

Just a note on the 90 day meal plan. While it is full of healthy, nutritious meals (each meal/recipe  having it's own breakdown of numbers at the end – calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc) , it may not be for everyone. First of all, you are certainly going to have to buy a lot of ingredients. I found that I had very little of what was required and it would have cost a small fortune to get stocked up. Maybe it's just me. Does the average person have all this stuff? Somehow I doubt it. The good news is that once you have the ingredients, you can use them on many recipes.

I chose the quick weight loss chart/calendar (though I could have selected the steady weight loss program too) and for the structured eating part, my foods came from the 90 day meal plan (3 ebooks – 1 for every month) and the grocery list.

For the first week, I was on a raw food diet. Then a structured eating plan for 3 weeks. As there are only 4 weeks on the chart, I repeated the whole chart for the next month and the month after.

Except for the raw food week, I had a cheat day and a fasting day each week.

The one thing that I am going to admit is that I cheated a few times and ate out at restaurants, indulged in the odd pizza and beer night at home and fell off the wagon more than once. After the first month, for example, I went off the diet for a full 4 days while visiting friends. However, rather than give up completely, I simply continued with the diet as though nothing had happened. I did not start over.

Even then, I was still able to lose over 11 pounds. Not too bad at all. I'm very happy about that!

I imagine that if I were to have strictly followed the plan, the weight loss would have been perhaps double or triple that. Well, not really triple because I don't have that much weight to lose.

During this time, I did 30 minutes of exercise a day using the techniques in the program. Medium intensity – nothing crazy.

Again, that is how I did mine, you may want to change yours up to suit your tastes, your weight, and your abilities.

At the end of the program, I lost almost 12 lbs (a pound a week) and I didn't really feel like I had dieted at all. 

I chose some meals from the 3 ebooks, but I also made my own meals using ingredients I got from the grocery list and the raw foods list.

Simply using some of the recipes and foods recommended in the course, and having a greater understanding of how my body reacts to food, I was able to lose that last, stubborn 10 pounds or so. I was fairly impressed by that.

I appreciated the fact that I didn't really have to count calories as long as I stuck to the food/recipes in the course and the serving sizes were reasonable.

The information in this program really makes for some good reading and it taught me a thing or two about how our bodies work in relation to food. Even though I have a fair amount of experience with diets, I really learned some valuable information here. The most notable for me is how important a role the liver plays.

If you know what makes you fat and what causes the body to burn fat, then you are way ahead of the game. This knowledge means that you can make choices that will work with you and not against.

The bottom line?

You will lose weight fairly easily if you implement this diet. And you will do it without feeling like you are starving all the time. Well, maybe with the exception of the weekly fast, but you are asleep for most of it.

I am giving this program 3.5 Stars, because of the negative aspects I mentioned above. Is it still worth buying? Yes, as long as you don't mind figuring things out, as I found it unorganized. Once you find your way, the quality of the information and the effectiveness of the diet really does make up for these shortcomings.

I have experienced first hand the result of implementing this diet and would recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off.

Click Here to visit the official site.

Thanks for reading my Fat Loss Factor review!

 3.5/5 Stars Fat Loss Factor Review 3.5 Stars