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Fat Burning Furnace Review


Fat Burning FurnaceSo here is a popular diet program that has been out for a number of years now. It was created by Rob Poulos, who describes himself as “a fitness and weight loss researcher, expert and enthusiast.” He created this program after 10 years of struggling with many different diet and exercise programs, while addressing his own weight issues.

He is the CEO of Zero to Hero Fitness, and Fat Burning Furnace is the result of all those years of trial and error to see what worked and what didn't.

Between Rob and his wife, Kalen, they managed to lose 105 lbs using the principles Rob developed. He reportedly spent over $23,000 of his own money, trying various diets and exercise programs to see what worked and what didn't. The result was that he lost over 43 lbs and 10 inches in his waist using the principles he developed for the fat burning furnace program.

Google his name and you can read about him. You may notice the before and after pictures too. Impressive...

Why should you buy it?

Well, even though the video is a little hyped, it is based on some very solid diet and exercise principals and Rob seems to have a great understanding of what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off.

Reading this book, you can tell that he knows what he's talking about.

I found it refreshing that this course didn't rely on gimmicks or methods that are just a little too out there. A solid exercise regime, followed up with a realistic diet means that you are going to burn fat – plain and simple. You aren't going to have to do a cleanse or any of the more radical things that are taught in other courses. You aren't going to have to fast or drink some sort of concoction to assist with your weight loss. And finally, you are going to be able to eat sensibly and not one thing in particular is completely eliminated from your diet (ie, no carbs, no fat, high protein diets).

Much of what you are going to read is common sense, real advice for healthy weight loss.

I have to tell you, however, if you are looking for a diet that does not involve exercise, this is not the plan for you – you may as well keep searching. The reason I say this is that you are going to have to work for this – I mean, really work. The exercises are challenging and you are going to sweat.

But this is the reason I love the program – it's real...

If you watch the biggest loser on tv, you know that the trainers really work the contestants. The result is that some of them lose incredible amounts of weight fairly quickly – and keep it off. No gimmicks, no radical methods, just hard work and a good diet. There's a lot to be said for that.

Okay, on with the review:

The manual starts out with a preface and is really meant to bring you up to speed on what the program is all about, how to use it, and how it came into being. I love the easy reading, conversational style that Rob uses here, and for the remainder of the course. This got me into the right mindset for the rest of the book.

 Part One – What Makes Your Furnace Tick?

This section talks about your reasons for losing weight and the fitness industry's “pill in a bottle” mentality.

It also, talks about the mistakes he made and how you can benefit from them. He mentions that you have to have realistic expectations, as everyone is different. He discusses the different body types and how your body stores fat. The total fitness concept and how it can change your life is discussed.

The section on The Power of Knowledge And Habits is very interesting as he discusses what you need for success (specifically, a road-map and a change in habits).

 Part Two – Creating the Spark

This is all about igniting the fat burning furnace. It talks about what popular exercises are really just a waste of time and how, with the right routine, you can burn fat 24 hours a day - and with less time in the gym or on the track. It all has to do with increasing your RMR, or Resting Metabolic Rate.

He talks extensively on muscle and the important role it plays in weight loss and overall fitness. I was surprised at some of the information here. He mentions a very popular exercise routine that can actually
decrease your health over time. This is something that millions world-wide do every day.

Workout intensity is discussed here as he reveals routines that not only burn way more calories, but take a lot less time to do.

In this section, you are going to see a lot of information on exercise routines and how to use them to get the maximum fat burning effect in the least amount of time. The book covers exercise selection, proper technique, various equipment, and more.

Total body workouts versus muscle specific exercises – what's better and why? How much should you do to achieve good results? Breathing, stretching, best fat burning routines, reps, sets – it's all here.

This section also includes good quality pictures, showing the various techniques.

Fat Burning Furnace routines are next. Beginner level routine, intermediate level routine, and advanced level routine. All you have to do is follow along – that is it. The beginner section is perfect for those who really don't have a lot of experience or haven't exercised in a long while. The intermediate and advanced levels are more than adequate to challenge you.

You'll notice that every part of the body is taken care of, however, it does require that you either have some home equipment or you have a gym membership.

Next, the book covers body-weight exercises. I enjoyed this part because it shows you how to get the same workout, targeting the same parts of your body, with nothing more than your own body weight.

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is discussed next. Perhaps you've heard of it. If you haven't, it is simply the best way to burn fat fast. The only drawback is that it isn't for the faint of heart. It really does require that you give it your all while exercising.

Lastly, is the 11 secrets of proper exercise. This is a very short, condensed version of the 11 key points to getting the most out of your routine. It is like a cheat sheet of everything you have learned.

 Part Three - Fueling Your Fat Burning Furnace

Finally, we get to the diet part of this course. Though a big emphasis is put on the exercise portion, it would be useless if we continued to eat poorly. This section covers diet and nutrition.

We start out with the real reason most fad diets don't work. We then read about the big nutrition secret no one really knows about. Hint: It has to do with macro-nutrients versus micro-nutrients. This will be an eye opener for most folks.

Resting Metabolic Rate is discussed again, only this time it is in direct reference to diet instead of exercise. You are given a link to a useful tool called the Fat Burning Furnace
Metabolic Rate Calculator. This is similar to the Weight Watchers tool where you input your gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. It then tells you how many calories you need to consume to maintain your weight and how many you need to shave to lose weight.

In the section under nutrient rich foods, you are going to learn what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding – starting with carbs. Why do we need them and what kind of carbs should you be eating.

You'll learn about the worst possible foods on the planet and how they affect your body and make you fat. One ingredient that is responsible for much of the obesity in this country is in just about everything we eat and we don't realize it.

Next is animal protein. Do you need it? How much?

Animal versus plant protein is next. What is healthier? How much of each should you be getting? Can you eliminate meat?

Next is a section on fat and one on the benefits of fruits and vegetables...

Then you'll read about:

Organics – are they really that much better for you?

Glycemic Index – What foods are best and which ones throw your levels out of whack. It's not all just about low GI.

Body PH – Why this is so critical to fat loss and your overall health.

Water – One of the most important pieces to the puzzle is making sure you get enough. Most of us don't even come close – and we wonder why we end up with problems.

Next, the concept of mini meals, and why it aids in weight loss, really got me thinking. Definitely learned something here. The book gives you a sample schedule you can use.

Cooking and food prep is discussed next, as well as snack ideas. Sample meals, food charts, recipe ideas and worksheets are included here.

We then read about the real secret to a lean body. This is summed up in one sentence and is something that you can start doing right now.

Treats, sodium and alcohol are discussed next.

Then, the real deal on supplements, power bars, meal replacements, vitamins, and minerals. What you need and how to get it.

11 Secrets of Proper Nutrition. Similar to the 11 Secrets of Proper Exercise, this is a cheat sheet of all the concepts learned in the diet and nutrition section.

 Part Four – Maximize Your Furnace

This part discusses other factors that affect fat loss.

Several pages on sleep and stress are included here. Techniques include a five minute super stress buster.

Finally, he talks about your mental attitude and the way you think when it comes to fitness. The law of attraction is also discussed.

The last bit talks about where to get equipment and supplements that are going to help with this program.

The Positives

The course is what I would call “real world” stuff. There are no crazy gimmicks or unrealistic promises. He teaches real methods that are road tested and proven (not just in this course, but others over the years).

Rob is fairly knowledgeable about the subject of fitness and nutrition. It feels like you ought to be taking this advice seriously.

This manual is written in an entertaining style and is very readable.

He walks the walk, having lost over a hundred pounds between him and his wife.

While there are no real miracles here, the information is factual, usable and most certainly will produce results in the way it is laid out.

The Negatives

They try to sell you extras before you check out. Not really a negative, but it might bother some people. I am reviewing the core book, but if I were to buy an add on, it would be the videos of the exercises in the book.

The information is not ground breaking. But what are you really expecting when it comes to losing weight and your health? You are going to have to put in the work (exercise properly) and eat right. There are no shortcuts and this book does that very well.

Is it worth the price?

I would say it is, provided you use the program. In fact, if you were desperate to lose weight and you knew this program was going to work for you, you would certainly pay more than that. The price is fair, but what is more important is your personal commitment to do the exercises and follow the diet. Don't waste your money if you are unsure or if you need that “miracle” cure – it doesn't exist.


The Fat Burning Furnace program is what I would call a “grass roots” type of system. No gimmicks, just solid, tested techniques that work.

You will certainly lose weight and tone your body using this system. That is, if you put in the effort.

A good solid course that I am going to rate 4 stars. Thanks for reading my Fat Burning Furnace Review!

 Fat Burning Furnace 4 Star Rating