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About us

We specialize in non-fiction, self-help themed, ebook reviews as well as hardcover and kindle-type products.

Most of these are sold online through companies like Amazon and Clickbank. We do take a small commission if you buy something and that is used to simply keep the lights on here, so to speak.

You may find the reviews quite in-depth compared to what you are used to seeing on the web. Each book is purchased and reviewed by us and we report exactly what we experience with the product/course (ease of use, effectiveness, value, etc).

Can I trust your reviews?

One of the most frustrating things on the web these days is trying to find real, honest reviews for products that you are about to purchase. The reason for this is that almost all these reviews are from affiliates who get paid a commission when you buy. And there is nothing wrong with that IF you remain unbiased. Almost all websites have a revenue stream of some kind and would probably not exist if they could not make a few dollars now and then.

But does that mean they have to candy-coat the truth and give all their reviews 5 stars, regardless of actual quality? Of course not, but it happens more often than you think.

Do a Google search for some products (including many that are reviewed here) and pages, upon pages of glowing reviews (that all sound the same) pop up. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll find something from an actual user/buyer, or from someone who has had a less than 5 star experience, but it's rare.

In fact, most "reviews" are nothing more than research of already known/published facts. The majority of reviewers have not even purchased the product.

I am hoping to change that...

The reviews you read on this site are from products that I have actually purchased and reviewed/sampled. Not everything is 5 stars if you look around a bit. And I will certainly speak my mind if something has not met my expectations. My aim is to be completely unbiased and write the review according to how it impressed me and worked for me. I want to do that, even though I am also an affiliate and get financially compensated for any products sold through this site. 

Thanks for visiting!